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I'm Team Rob Pattinson all the way! I also love Kristen Stewart and the two of them together or apart.

Check out my blog for lots of duhrty talk and inappropriateness, when it comes to the Twifecta or anything, really. o.O

Since Twi-Mania is dying down I've created Fickle Little Bitches and gathered a few co-authors so we can talk about anything we want, without being limited to Twi stuff only. I hope AIT Fans will check us out!

I plan to share my love for music and everything fun on here.


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@SaintKristen @stillbee *sigh* I miss the beard…


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In today’s Adventures In Twilighting post we talk about the first full Breaking Dawn movie trailer. What About The First Full Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer!?)

Today on Adventures in Twilighting, @RobstenCuteness thanks everyone for voting for her in The Sunflower Awards.  She is so awesome and her fic deserves all the awards it gets! Many Thanks In Order

Today on Adventures In Twilighting we had a little fun reminiscing about past Robler manips and how all those shipper’s drams have come true! haha! Man-Nip Monday: Oh! The Kiss! What Else!?


Nonsten crazy all over my dash! I can’t help but laugh. The crap people come up with, my GOD.

Rob and Kristen are together. Or they have at least fucked before. The world is still turning. It will be ok, I promise.

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Today I wrote a letter to Rob asking him if he gets sunburned. HHW: Does Rob Get Sunburned?)

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Taylor talks about Breaking Dawn and Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Oh, for the love of all that’s holy!
Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 2, p.28 (via oohprettysparklies)